Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Just a little more fun aimed at doctors on this go-around. The one titled, "Cadillac Lungs" is one of my all-time favorites, because I love the last line. "Dr. Z" was actually a nurse poem in disguise, addressed to a long time nurse colleague, though I doubt that she ever knew this.

Oh, Dr. Z

Oh, Dr. Z, we look to thee
For words of wise uncounted,
To honor thee, when death has come
We'll have thy body mounted,
Upon the wall, so all receive
The blessing that you grant,
For the sick, the septic and the sinner
There's a seed of hope you plant,
Now it's obvious, that words can not
Describe one great as thee,
We'll have a monument constructed
And charge a modest fee,
So that all that view your sacred shrine
Will earn a little grace,
So rest assured now Dr. Z
We'll put you in your place.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *** * *** ** ** *

Cadillac Lungs

I had a bout of surgery
I had a bout of pain,
I had old Doctor what's his name
Make swiss cheese of my brain,
He said, "You need a couple lungs
So come into my shop",
But he didn't know quite where they were
So he started up on top;
He hacked apart the hair
I had grafted weeks ago,
And he placed it in a petri dish
To see if it would grow,
Then he gave it to his son
For the local science fair,
And he promptly won a scholarship
For hydroponic hair.

Well, the cut was so successful
I will gladly pay my bill,
'Cause now my lungs, work like the airbags
On the Cadillac SeVille.

Fibril_late; 3/92

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