Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Many of the places I worked at over the years, had archaic rules regarding break-time for the night shift crew. You'd think that people working 12 hour shifts from 7p-7a, might benefit from a little shuteye during the night, and since most places don't pay you for your lunch period, common sense might prevail and let the hearty graveyard worker catch some zzzzz's. But no, that just ain't the way it is baby. Heck, sometimes it was so stinkin' boring, I might just have gotten drowsy now or then................the next two poems are a result of my crime of dozing off.

Alert At Any Hour

Oh, what a shock!
Today I wept,
The supervisor
Claimed I slept,
My head was down
Yes, that is true,
Stuck to the tabletop
With glue,
Her accusation
Was out of place,
If only, she
Had seen my face.

Alert, am I
At any hour,
Because I'm infused
With nightshift power,
To prove henceforth
That I'm correct,
My posture will
Remain correct.

Always Look Awake

Imagine the anguish
To be falsely accused,
Why there is surely no question
That the boss was confused,
A chance observation
In the workplace at night,
A misleading impression -
(I was resting my sight).

I might be just a hired hand
At this towering institution,
But I should be insulated
From public execution,
My career has been exemplary
My record scarcely smudged,
I declare with no uncertainty;
I've been unfairly judged.

I've survived, my wound has healed
But I'll never be the same,
I'll keep practicing my art
Yet, I'm conscious of the game,
So I'll paint my handsome countenance
On the backside of my head,
Then I'll always look awake
Even if I'm dead.

Fibril_late: 1/'92

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