Monday, June 05, 2006

I begin with a poem that heralds the return of "The Underside of Nursing".

An Underside Resurrection

Some old timers might remember
The rants, the raves, the cursing,
Within the soiled pages
Of "The Underside of Nursing",
The author disappeared
Some say he went sabbatical,
Others knew him better
They said, seven shades fanatical,
A deep end, nose dive plunge
A wormhole in reality,
The rumors blossomed mightily
He succumbed to some fatality.

Though hidden from the public eye
The pen continued writing,
Some future date was beckoning
An audience inviting,
New nurses, just weaned from the classroom
Seeking guidance and good common sense,
Have questions their mentors can't answer
Some topics where they might take offense.

For a while, back in the gay nineties
One writer interrogated life,
No topic too sacred to plunder
All subjects dissected with his knife,
Dismembered and tossed on the table
The essence of truth was revealed,
The answers to all of the questions
No longer were hidden and sealed.

A resurrection may be in the making
Though the author retired from nursing,
Thanks to his post-traumatic syndrome
He's still ranting and raving and cursing,
So his judgment's are second to none
Wisdom gleaned from dissected disaster's,
Insights, perception and knowledge
From the realm of the Underside Masters.

Fibril_late; '04

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