Thursday, June 08, 2006

As many of you know, a Vector can be many things, but in the realm of cardiology we usually consider it as a sum total of energetic forces, travelling in some direction in the heart and then we record this on an ECG. The title of the poem is:

My Little Vector

I Have a little vector
Living in my heart,
He always knows the moment
It's time to stop or start,
There are a couple things
The little fellow needs,
He wants a balanced diet
And a bandage if he bleeds.

One day while I was hiking
I overworked my heart,
I hurt my little vector
And he forgot to start,
Passing out, I then collapsed
And fell upon a stump,
That startled little vector
Like a wallop on the rump.

He awoke and said, "What happened
Why, is it so dark,
The last thing I remembered
We were hiking in the park,
Now I have to get this floppy heart
In shape or we're dead meat,
As a vector, I'm not worried
Because I always have the beat".

So the little fellow raced around
He's such a fine protector,
I could never live without him
How I love my little vector.

Fibril_late; 2/92

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