Thursday, June 26, 2014


Get the job done; rescue the babe, prevent death. Simple and succinct; 30 years of proof.

I'm not the most
Compliant sort,
I break the rules
I do report,
Shave the corners
Skim the till,
If I can get away with it
Yes, I will.

I get the job done
Fast and quick,
Why, should I waste time
If you are sick,
You need a fix
Right away, right now,
I'm the road-runner
Not the cow.

So, mooooove on over
If you're in my way,
Pick up the pieces
I toss from the sleigh,
Study and sort
Why they weren't needed,
Thank your goodness
That I interceded.

We can tally what's missing
To make pretty how it looks,
As I deliver great results
And gently cook the books.


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