Friday, July 18, 2014


My first day off on vacation, flying east on the plane, and I'm still downloading data from work into a poem; what a way to relax!

Versus laminar flow,
Creating eddies where
Velocity slows,
With platelet aggregation
Plus an endothelial trigger,
Clot formation should begin
Or blood loss gets bigger.

A late complication?
Toes fall off,
When you blast out
A sneeze or a cough,
To the distal thrombus,
Near the bifurcation
Of the plantar rhombus.

Interventions and complications
Are like evil cousins,
Preferably avoided as long as possible
Sometimes showing up in dozens,
One must be always vigilant
Keep an eye out for those slippery snakes,
And after a few exposures
You'll have what it takes.


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