Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Knock on Wood

Underside Bob, people call for me all day long........and I am not exaggerating. Heck, even the patient's notice everyone is calling for me to solve some sort of thing. I just hope they're not calling me other nasty stuff. Not because of my feelings.........screw that..........I just want to be helpful.

Hazing, in Nursing
It happens all the time,
Every where I have worked
This industrial crime,
Some have labelled it
Eating our young,
I hope, I haven't done it
Though I'm sure my words have stung.........

Only after the 10th time
I offered the same instruction,
I admit, I have a hard time
Watching potential destruction,
While trying to be unobtrusive
Mentoring, as is my role,
Preceptorship is part of it
Lego-blocks becoming whole.

I hope they never said
The reason, they finally gave up,
Was because Underside Bob
Kept dumping out their cup.

There have been times
When I had to block a motion,
Where safety and outcomes
Would be destroyed with your potion,
But then, I offered options
Other choices, on the menu,
You would be praised as the smart one
Acting in this venue.

From early on I've played
The fearless, go-to guy,
Diving right in
When things have gone awry,
While knowing my boundaries
And gathering the facts,
A couple of extra Aces?
Of course, my deck is stacked!

And my role as an expert
Is to make you look good,
Don't be oversensitive
Praise is coming; knock on wood!


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