Thursday, June 19, 2014


Inexperienced = Dangerous

What nonsense, this decision
To assign to the neophyte,
Be the Bronchoscopy nurse
Like a boxer in his first fight,
Who has had no previous training
What's there to know? just make a fist,
Well, the Doctor surely noticed
And he was properly pissed.

Sure, I knew about it yesterday
When Mother made that dumb decision,
And she wasn't even here today
To see the failure of her vision,
And her favorite little newbie
Won't speak up, to say, "Not me,
I know that I'm not qualified
I've never done it, can't you see?"

What a team they make, these two
This mother and her son,
The two of them are dangerous
When all is said and done,
She can not see his weakness
And he say's "yes", to everything,
Boldly going, where he should not
While mother coos and sings.

When I arrived, the Doctor fumed
And spoke his pretty piece,
I totally agreed with him
About the boiling grease,
Then I volunteered my services
For the next Bronchoscopy,
An expert for that procedure
Of course, that would be me.

Advanced airway skills?; check
Expert Cardiac, of course,
Highly trained in procedural sedation
I could anesthetize a horse,
Code-Blue master, of renown
A crash and burn magician,
Or just assign, the newbie nurse
Ya, that's our public mission.

Well, there were no complications
At Bronchoscopy number one,
But I'm sure if that had happened
Mother, would still have coddled her son.


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