Saturday, November 11, 2017

Enough all ready

If we don't empty out our Unit by the 11pm closing time, we are on mandatory overtime. Now, I'm pretty sure the Nursing contract states something that opposes that concept. Well anyway, usually it has to do with a lack of patient beds on the floors that can accept our patients.
However, in the past couple of months the Master of the Universe is trying to double down on his number of procedures every day.........and dragging his procedural staff and our Recovery Unit right down the rabbit hole with him.
Stay tuned for updates on this one.

We are overwhelmed
With too many clients,
Excessive procedures
Without scheduling science,
Someone calls asking
Can you do it tomorrow?
They say, "Yes, come on down"
It's like Kilimanjaro.

A mountain too tall
To climb in one day,
So many procedures and
Recoveries, we say,
'Cuz we'll have to stay
Until the beds are vacated,
After 43 pacemakers and
Arrhythmia's ablated.

We know who to blame
And we're taking names,
Loading our weapons
We've had enough of these games,
Because we want a bonus
For our overtime care,
And we're charging the doctor
Because that's only fair.

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