Monday, December 19, 2016

Web Address

Ever see those ads on the internet that say something like, "Search you own name at this site and you won't believe what you see"?

When searching the name of this blog, I'm happy to be at the top of the list, but looking down the page, most of the selections have something to do with another kind of nursing, that being, the actual feeding of the baby by their mother. Hence, I have to be careful, not to make some horrid social blunder.

Doing a Google Search
The Underside of Nursing,
Leads me to the breast
New mothers cursing,
Their suffering and pain
Sometimes even bruising,
When baby gets a snack
While mama is snoozing.

Although I've written of breasts
It was not on this blog,
I have to watch my language
Not to be labelled a hog,
A misogynist pig
But that isn't me,
I'm a proponent of Rights
For all women to be free.

Ok, that didn't sound
Exactly how I planned,
In my effort to explain
You may not understand,
That the Underside of Nursing
Poses anti-sexist views,
And if at all possible
Avoids political news.

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