Monday, December 12, 2016

Victor the Vector

I think most Nurses agree, that the floor in any hospital is teeming with every dangerous microorganism known to mankind. But it has to be the worst, in those stupid hospitals that have carpeting, particularly in patient-care areas.
So, I am appalled two ways: 1) Bringing any children or babies into the hospital for any reason. 2). Allowing those little punks to crawl, sit, play, and roll around, on the floor of the hospital, and their attendant adult doesn't care one way or the other. YUCK.

Little Victor, came with Grandma
To visit Momma on the ward,
Grandma doesn't pay attention
Little Victor is totally bored,
He's running in the hallways
And crawling on the floor,
He's a collector of bacteria
And has the highest score.

His Momma had some runny crap
Dripping off the bed,
The side-rails are contaminated
Now that crap is on his head,
He's the biggest C-Diff vector
In the whole entire land,
Though it’s probably not a terror plot
It seems incredibly well planned.

He will carry it to his preschool
And touch everything,
He'll share it with the other kids
During morning group sing,
He'll take it to the lunch room
And leave it on the food tray,
The bacteria couldn't be happier
“We’re C-Diff, that’s how we play”.

Little Victor the Vector
Couldn't be more efficient,
Spreading the bacteria
He’s a God, and omniscient,
And though those tiny germs
Know not that they exist,
Little Victor the Vector
Was on their bucket list.

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