Friday, December 02, 2016


Once the gross out theme gets rolling, I just can't stop.
"Twas the night after.............

'Twas the night of diarrhea
And all throughout the house,
Not a Nurse was seen breathing
It smelled worse than dead mouse,
The commode chairs spilled over
And streamed across the floor,
House-keeping refused
To take care of this chore.

I called Dr. Brown
And Suzi called Dr. Runni,
And each one of them laughed
Because they thought it was funny.
I told Dr. Brown
"You have earned payback
For sure",
The next time I get you coffee
I guarantee it won't be pure.

The next night an emissary
Of emesis came over,
To herald a pukefest
On the Cliffs of Dover
We used all the Zofran
Phenergan and Droperidol,
And when I phoned the doctor
He asked, "So, why did you call?"

Another round of threats
Regarding crap in his salad,
Had the good Professor Emesis
Singing my ballad,
Regarding pukus-diareus-spasmodica-loo
Oh, pray with me Brother
That it never happens to you.

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Old FoolRN said...

A genuine classic!