Thursday, December 01, 2016


This is a little like one of Clive Barkers horror stories, only it rhymes.
Also, I'm the Break-nurse, I'm just reporting what happened to Suzi and Billy-Bob.


She's crazy and screaming
And she's out of breath,
She beat up her heart
With Nicotine and Meth,
She's not confused
It's just her drugs talking,
Wild cursing and growling
Her toxic squawking.

Begging and bargaining
For food and water,
She failed the Swallow test
And now she's threatening slaughter,
She yelled, "I'm going home now"
Ya, I wish that I could let her,
But I know that won't happen
And this night will get no better.

She coughs up yucky mucus
And spits it at her Nurse,
Oh, how did she know
That I keep some in my purse?
Sweet memento's like that
Are the kinds of things I savor,
So, I blew her a kiss
And asked, what is the flavor?
We are her babysitters
At seventy dollars an hour,
And that flavor in question?
Is putrid and sour.

Like the Queen of the Damned
And Satan's child,
Open heart surgery
Made her wild;
Though, truth be told
She was like this before,
From the very first day
She came into the store.

She calls the men names
That rhyme with trucker,
I am her Nurse
And I feel like a sucker,
What she calls the women
Rhymes with itch,
If I had my way
I would drop her in a ditch.

Like that child possessed
In The Exorcist,
That's my patient tonight
We have to coexist,
She's screaming and wild
And out of control,
I'm fairly convinced
She tried to poison my soul.

And someday........
She might possibly go home
In one or two weeks,
Get back with her people
The meth-heads and freaks.

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