Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Does that Make Sense 5

I learned some new stuff
At the hospital last week,
Continuous Renal Therapy
An education I did seek,
Overall, it was worthwhile
Till the 4th speaker did commence,
To end each clarification with,
"Does that make sense?"

This is the fifth time I've written
Regarding this horrible habit,
If I had a shotgun
I would have plugged that rabbit,
To put us out of our misery
At this horrible speech offense,
Let me ask you, dear reader
Does that make sense?

When spoken repeatedly
Over and over again,
I want to perform Hari-Kari
With my best fountain pen,
Because we students don't need
To be treated like fools,
By post-graduate Nurse educators
Braying like mules.

Public speakers, please stop it!
Does that make sense?
The grammar police are coming
To toss you over the fence.

1 comment:

Old FoolRN said...

Speakers that cannot end their presentation used to drive me nuts. Just when you thought the blabber would cease they would say; "I would be remiss if I did not mention..blah..blah...blah.