Friday, November 04, 2016

Power Break

I've worked in healthcare for 38 years now (RT & RN), and all the same dynamics are at play. Sure, technology changed, policy's and procedures were revised, diseases are better understood, and workplace interactions have improved between disciplines. What is still present, are all of the tricky interpersonal, colleague to colleague interactions. The foremost question (and answer) one needs to have in their head at all times, is; "Who do I trust?"

Lazy Nurse 16
Claims, he didn’t get a break,
When I asked the dude
He gave his a head a shake,
Seemingly saying, he had it covered
Then I’m called on the carpet
When Charge Nurse discovered,
That Lazy Nurse 16
Stated he worked all night,
Unable to stop
No one noticed his blight,
How he worked his butt off
(Except for that hour);
When I saw him on his cell phone
Attending to a higher power.

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