Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Copay Blues

Many people, when they finally retire, have so many afflictions, requiring pills and potions, and multiple doctors visits, they have to really pinch pennies to even survive. They suffer from the Copay Blues.

Copay Blues

Now that I'm retired
Life has changed a lot,
I can go wherever I want
And get there on the dot,
The outcome of my income
Is a topic oft discussed,
If I spend too much, too quickly
My bank account will bust.

One of the biggest worries
Retired people have,
How to pay for medical care
The Doctors, pills and salve,
You really need insurance
For emergencies and such,
A surgery could bankrupt you
But let's talk about the crutch.

Each time you see the Doctor
For the crutch or pill or potion,
You have to pony up some money
Your hard earned dollars are in motion,
Moving rapidly away from you
For a diminishing return,
Theses are the Copay Blues, my friend
So listen now and learn.

Forget the stupid reasons
When you went to see the Doc,
You had sniffles and a headache
You wanted time off on the clock,
This required a Doctor's note
To get 3 days off or more,
Then they paid you to be sick
Paid time off, now that's a score.

You're not working anymore
The Doctor isn't free,
The crutch, the pills and potions
Could break the bank, you see,
Fixed payments on prescriptions
Percentages till you hit the cap,
And a million dollar hospital bill
Is always there on tap.

Are you worth a million dollars?
That could be more, than you ever earned,
Your Copay would be just a percentage of that
But baby, you'll still feel burned,
Yes, this is a story of retirement
Everything you own, you could lose,
Frittering away your money for medical
Oh, these are the Copay Blues.


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