Friday, September 18, 2009

Oops, I stumbled on some toes, and underwent some body blows.............

Scathing Words

What an experience that was
The power that sits, sat down with me because,
I had ruffled some feathers
Last evening by phone,
I called, old Doctor what's-his-name
And struck a funny bone,
He rattled his saber
About missed communication,
So this morning, I got an earful
In the middle of the nursing station.

I apologized to yonder doctor
And I acknowledged my error,
There was no intimidation
Not a shred or whiff of terror,
Just an agreement of sorts
That our computer documentation,
Leaves a lot of buried orders
An unintended complication.

Last night he was so busy
Over-stressed by demands,
I sought simple clarification
And bought a reprimand,
Uninvited scathing words
Where a simple sentence would suffice,
On-call, is a professional obligation
A pleasant deportment, is my advice.

A couple of salient points
Were hammered home to me,
Be careful whom I call at night
And keep the blaster, on setting #3.


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