Thursday, September 24, 2009

I went to a well-attended meeting a couple of days ago, and when I left, I felt like I was the only guy going home with a sunburn. And that's tough to accomplish, in a room with no windows, in the evening, just past 8pm. I'll take my parasol next time, along with my bug spray.

Ponder the Consequences

I went to a staff meeting
Dominated by a speech,
Regarding a new fangled program
Someone wanted to teach,
And I guess my body language
Conveyed my doubts and concern,
Thus, that lecturing nurse
Figured I had something to learn.

She halted her dissertation
To bring attention to me,
Directing every one
To take a look and see,
Recognize that his body language
Signals objection and disbelief,
So succinctly laid out
In front of our Commander-in-Chief.

How fortunate she was
That I forgot to bring my pack,
With my favorite weapons
For an unexpected attack,
My cat-of-nine-tails
And the latest new Taser,
The brass knuckles, and sap
And my straight-edged razor,
Typical tools
For streetwise protection,
If you're going to call someone out
Be cautious with your selection.

On my way out the door
She loudly asked for my suggestions,
If I were a fly, I’d set her up
For enzymatic digestion.


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