Monday, November 14, 2016

Power Outage

When the hot topic word is "transparency" in respect to how businesses operate in the local and greater community, it is odd when an organization manages to achieve local media silence.

When Ebola showed up
Man, we got in the news,
To prove to the world
We were the place, check the views,
How we offer the best 
That branding can buy,
With moon-suits and bleach
And some good looking guy.

when the power shut down
there was nary a peep,
like the public image guys
were in a deep sleep,
and the local news outlets
ho-hummed during brunch,
but if it happened at the Arena
Friend, I have a hunch.......

That 32 Journalists
From every news station,
Would be salivating
To perform an oration,
How they got the news first
Because that's how they brag,
If you are second or third, baby
You're in a wet paper bag,
Fighting it out
To get a pink-slip warning,
To be the best reporter
You start at four in the morning.

How does a business
Suppress news in a community,
As if writing their own rules
With benevolent impunity,
We're a non-profit they say
The good of humanity, is our cupcake,
But really, if the power goes out
Isn't there more at stake?

Pretend your Momma needs a surgery
And the doctors use power tools, right?
Did they tell anyone
Why the power went out that night?
Was it shared with the public
Like the "whale shark rescue"commercial?
Quite frankly, there was a blatant silence
I know that doesn't play as well as an infomercial.

If the public was aware
Regarding the little foibles 
Of operating an old hospital facility,
If they knew about all of the steps taken
How we repair, replace and engineer with agility,
Perhaps there would be a shared
Sense of ownership and pride,
How ye olde neighborhood hospital
Was in it, for the long community ride.

But, since Big Brother took over
Millions are spent on the brand,
It's about acquisitions 
And how they expand,
To co-partner, and outsource
And run a very tight and lean ship,
While big Captain Bobolink
Has a tight grip on his gold plated whip.

Media silence
In this environment of corporate transparency,
Is clearly an outright
Anachronistic aberrancy,
When you are advertising and branding
Regarding all those touchy feely good deeds,
You better tell the public all about
The power outage, leaky pipes, the blown boiler,
And the weeds.

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