Sunday, October 16, 2016

Marijuana, Meth and Myocardial Mayhem

I've discussed how at least 50% of all admissions to the Medical ICU test positive for Amphetamine. Sure, that is just a simple estimated, bystander, non-statistical guess. (that's my disclaimer, as an unqualified statistician).

But next door in the Cardiac ICU, we are seeing the same thing; the myopathies and the acute heart attacks, who also are Meth users. Henceforth, another completely avoidable disaster, Mr. Public!

The morning after
The night before,
There is writing to be done
A compulsive chore,
Ideas to expel
And words to sort,
About the cardiac arrest
Of Uncle Mort.

He's forty six
And overweight,
Marijuana and tobacco
Are on his plate,
With an after dinner chaser
Of public menace Meth,
Caused his heart attack
And imminent death.

Heck, everyone has seen
"The Faces of Meth",
If I looked like that
I would gladly embrace death,
But no one comprehends
The toxic stimulant power,
How Meth causes heart attacks
Every minute, every hour.

Good old, Uncle Mort
A sweet dude, he was,
Why did he do that stuff?
He said, because,
His life, was so damn boring
Working at the DMV,
Living in ugly suburbia
Without a single tree,
This altered reality
Destroyed all of his resistance,
Marijuana and meth
Validated his existence.

For years;
Doctors and family
Told him what to do,
Take your medicines, Uncle Mort
You'll live longer, we love you,
Kick your bad habits to the curb
Lose some weight, get exercise,
Well, Uncle Mort fell off the wagon
And it's no surprise,
Because good clean living
Is stupid boring, not fun,
While marijuana and meth
Are like facing a loaded gun,
With danger and drama
Mystery and intrigue,
Yep, it's way more exciting
Than the PTA league.

Uncle Mort had chest pain
Someone called 9-1-1,
He had a V-Fib arrest
Life support, was thoroughly done,
Got a stent to an artery
Saved his family, from mourning,
Ya, Uncle Mort, dodged a bullet........
May this be his last warning.

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