Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Funny, but best unreported

How we love to laugh at humorous animal anecdotes; cute puppies, silly cats and romping rhino's. There are times that the public-patient-population, seem to mimic those animal antics, and yet, if I say that Billy-Bob looks like a pig thrashing about in a muddy pigpen, I might cause offense.

Last night, changing the linen for Betty Lou, was akin to oil-wrestling with a semi-sedate wild boar. Now imagine, two somewhat elderly nurses (guys), attempting to accomplish this. Frankly, even at this moment 8 hours later, I am nearly collapsed on the floor, laughing at myself, and Popeye my stalwart companion.

Things that we laugh at
On You Tube, for example,
Or those family shows
With photo's to sample,
We laugh and we snicker
When Bobby falls in the trap,
Especially if it was filled
With Elephant crap.

Why do we laugh?
Because it happened to them,
Yes, anecdotal humor
Is really a gem,
We laugh while we're thinking
Thank god, that wasn't me,
While Bobby played in that crap
I was up in a tree.

Things that we laugh at
The misfortunes of others,
Jokes about everything
Even our Mothers,
We can use social media
And upload anytime,
All of us can laugh at you
Oh, isn't that sublime?


Old FoolRN said...

I presume you guys used the traditional side to side roll occupied bed changing technique we all learned in nursing school. For some variety try a top to bottom bed linen change. Variety is the spice of life.

Fibril_late said...

Well you know, the old time favorite, the log roll. Earlier this year, I heard a better one.............Betty Lou, just roll like a carrot. It's tough to top that one.