Friday, October 07, 2016

Decay and Denial

Here's a dark one.........Most folks don't recognize the amazing resilience of their bodies to counteract the battles we wage upon ourselves. I've met thousands of folks who thought they dodged the bullet of disease, cuz they smoked and drank and shot up drugs and it never seemed to harm them. And then, at age 51, BAM........collapse and misery.

In the morning
After the dream,
I remember
Last nights scream,
Or was it a moan
I am not really sure,
When we told Betty
There wasn't a cure.

There is no escaping
Our final day,
For eons we've tried
To prevent our decay,
But just the smallest peek
At our everyday behavior,
Well, it's a giant billboard
Regarding who is your savior.

Fast food for Freddie
And whisky for Willie,
Barbaric religions
With practices so silly,
And then there's the Meth
The Cocaine and shrooms,
We're all tangled up
In our lifestyle looms.

Our happy interventions
Do not prolong life,
And now it's too late
To save Betty, your wife,
She thought that her Camels
Unfiltered and rich,
Would never deliver her
Into the ditch.........
After all, there never was a cough
She could climb a mountain like a goat,
Until the cancer filled in
And plugged up her throat,
Too late for a cure
Now she's miserable and blue,
Take a look in the mirror
It could happen to you.

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