Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Cautious Ending

Time and time again, I've seen it; Ms. or Mr. Nurse counting down the last few days till they pull the plug, open the door and escape to retirement. These are the last moments for things to get dicey.........

Approaching the end
The setting of the sun,
Just 19 more shifts
And then she'll be done,
But I say, use caution
Be extremely wary,
On any given night
Things can get hairy.

Yes, anything could happen
On one of those nights,
A whacked out meth user
Knocking out your lights,
Drug addled Billy-Bob
Ramped up and squirrelly,
Ending your career
16 days early.

My worst experience
I was kicked in the head,
I had a concussion
Lo, I could have been dead,
Or the time that Barry slugged me
And Mort threatened death,
All those things happened
In the time of one breath.

Be cautious, old nurses
Don't get too frisky,
Take care of the comatose
Where violence is less risky,
Maybe, fake an illness
Or sit on a Jury,
As your days are counting down
Don't be in a hurry,
Protect your retirement
Whatever it takes,
Just a few days left
Are you getting the shakes?

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