Monday, April 25, 2016

Dental Dana 45

I was getting worried about Dental Dana, having had no exciting encounters for quite a while..........until now. Here's the latest reported sighting.

Dental Dana
She's well bred,
But she doesn't let it
Get to her head,
She drives a little
Red Corvette,
Though she hasn't let me
Ride in it yet.

She tells me, Dude
You gotta behave,
You're always a naughty
Dental slave,
During dental
Dentition class,
You bite my fingers
And give me sass.

Well, I can't help it
She's hot stuff,
No amount of pain
Is never enough,
Like magnets attract
Or do they oppose?
I'm not sure
She just lanced my nose.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Skin.......the largest Organ

As a descendant of Europeans, I suffer from pale skin syndrome, and thus, am subject to sun exposure issues. Look, my skin is old, Ok? and now the medical specialists are having a look and finding new and exciting ways to remove it. It seems their favorite method is a short blast of liquid Nitrogen vapor at a cool (minus-320F, -195C, or 77K). Funny how it burns, for something so cold.

I went to the Dermatologist
To have my fortune told,
She said I looked real good
But my skin is old,
Not sure how to take that
I gave her the eye,
I said, "C'mon Dr. K.
I don't want to die,
So, just go ahead
And freeze some more skin,
I suspect they have a contest
To see who will win,
The frozen lesion award
Must be a daily wager,
It keeps everyone excited:
Why they keep checking their pager.

Just another day
At the Dermatologist,
Someone caressing my skin
And I wasn't even kissed,
They run a clean establishment
What they do, isn't massage,
No, I think they could call it
A skin remover garage.