Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Oops you're dead

Once again my NY Resolution is to better organize the writings, and I run across stuff that seems to have remained just as good as it was back in 1992.

Cruising Heaven

A mysterious event
Happened just today,
The man said, "I don't feel so good"
Then his heart beat went away.

I told him not to do that
But he didn't seem to care,
His heart rate slowed dramatically
Until it wasn't there.

With bells and buzzers ringing
We wailed upon that man,
His color went from purple
To a lovely desert tan.

He received a hit of Atropine
Some Calcium and Epi,
He replied with tachy rhythms
But his pump just wasn't peppy.

With the force of seven doctors
And the strength of twenty nurses,
Collectively their aura
Dispelled the evil curses,
That bound him to his destiny
In a room without a view,
Now he's cruising heaven's highways
With an angel friend or two.


1 comment:

Old Fool said...

Very nice! I keep reading it over and over getting something more from it each time.