Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cardiac Arrest Rant

Playing in the ICU arena again, almost every week there is another victim of a Cardiac Arrest, in lieu of a new Heart attack (STEMI). Four instances, and the victims were under the age of 60. Surprise, surprise, the 36 & 50 year old showed Methamphetamine on the Urine Tox screen. Three men and one woman, all were smokers. Mr. 46 & 57, looked at least ten years older than stated age. The 50 year old was obese, and had "just" learned two months ago that they had Hypertension, CHF, Asthma and Diabetes. I think it is safe to assume, the Asthma is really COPD secondary to smoking.

What's my point? All of these conditions are acquired and caused by personal health choices. In our metropolitan area there are billboards touting the importance of taking care of one's heart, making good food choices and stop smoking. All of us have been beaten over the head for the past 40 years, regarding what's good for us. But folks continue to do whatever they heck they want. Oh ya, out of the crew previously mentioned, only one had a job, and that was cleaning houses. Hence, not one of them had any insurance better than Medi-Cal. That means the rest of us employed folks, are footing the bill through our tax dollars. 

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