Saturday, July 19, 2014


Would you believe it? The older we get, the more a bicycle crash hurts! Ouch, I say.

Crashed my bike
And now I'm hurtin',
It wasn't fun
Of that, I'm certain,
Worked the next day
Should have not,
My aches and pains
Need Icy-Hot.

Crashed my two wheeled
Just before
I made the station,
Made a left turn
Should have gone right,
Now I can barely walk
Or ride tonight.

Severely hampered
Range of motion,
I need Left leg
Hip, and shoulder lotion,
With Vicodin and
A cold Blue Moon,
I might be feeling
Better soon.

My Vastus Lateralis
Capillary spurts,
Creating one big
While my gut spits out
A foul aroma.

Did I contuse
My G.I. tract?
I'll get worried
If my stools are blacked,
That happened before
In two-thousand-six,
When I crashed because
Of those Asian chicks.

Crashed my bike
And my body too,
Every biker accepts
It happens out of the blue,
So hard to predict
This fickle finger of fate,
First crash of the year
Worse than a blind date.


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