Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Master & Novice

A historical romp regarding this old master; prompted by the recurring theme: Only a very few, super-bright, new RN's are ready for hospital Specialty Units. We veterans hope those new nurses understand the giant step they are taking..............and that their education is about to begin.

I enjoy being a mentor, but I can get grumpy real easy.

Master & Novice

I had so many writings
Five years ago,
I had reentered the field
After hiatus, you know,
Yet, I was still rockin'
That ICU persona,
Fifty five years old
And still a prima donna.

The old master returned
Just a little bit rusty,
Some engineering issues
To brush off, they were dusty,
But the knowledge-base wooed them
I was a heckuva catch,
An old relic of the eighties
The best of the batch.

Nursing is a difficult
Job to recruit,
You might carry weapons
That you're afraid to shoot,
Or maybe your shooting
Was twenty years before,
But you put it on your resume
Just to get in the door.

I'd been off a few years
But remained educated,
Symposia and journals
I wasn't outdated,
With my previous experience
With teaching and education,
Getting back into the game
Was just another train station.

That year my writings
Were completely off the charts,
Revisiting hemorrhage
And C-difficele farts,
The ICU drama's
And meeting old friends,
'Twas well worth all the angst
The means justified the ends.

Now, I work in a puddle
That's how it seems,
It’s not the kind of job
For a person with dreams,
It's a place for experience
For persons tired of the race,
Where you need to pay attention
And have the knowledge of our place.

No, you just can't wing it
In Cardiac Care;
There's too much at stake
Death is lurking everywhere,
Yet, we make it look easy
To the novice standing by,
They love the awesome schedule
Bankers hours?;  yes, they'll try.

New nurses don't know
And I remember, yes, I do,
A lot of overlooked mistakes
I wanted to slip past your view,
And instead of admitting
That I screwed up again,
When a Doctor called me out
I wanted to swallow my pen.

We veterans worry
About mistakes that might occur,
Allowing new nurses in
While they're still learning to stir,
A minestrone of diseases
With Cardiac at the top,
In the absence of a foundation
This house of cards could flop.

Assessment skills are so important
They are refined by repetitive actions,
One needs to observe a broad milieu of patients
Multiple disease states and a few disimpactions,
So I think that beginning ones career
In a very specialized disease setting,
Is like sleepwalking on the interstate
For the naive' innocent, who enjoys betting.

I was a "top o'the class" Respiratory Therapist
With five years experience; but a new Nurse,
I was inspired by my ICU counterparts
But I knew I didn't know enough, to pick up that purse,
Thus, I chose Cardiac Step-down
Where I learned about every adult disease,
Honed my assessments and critical thinking
After four years, I could go where I please.

I moonlighted a lot
A mercenary nurse, for lack of a better name,
A hired gunslinger
At the top of his game,
I could handle anything
For one night at a time,
And early on I discovered
I could unwind with a rhyme.

It's a brave new world
For any fresh minted nurse,
You need to recognize your lack of knowledge
If you have a big EGO, it's a curse,
Don't say yes, all the time
Do exactly what your Preceptor says,
And if you lie to me, young novice
You'll stand there holding a busted Pez.


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