Tuesday, November 12, 2013


In the hospital, we are told to keep our gurney’s out of the hallway, as it violates fire code, but then there is no alternate solution offered, regarding just where to place them.

It works like this: Our unit starts out full of gurneys; a patient is taken away on one, we replace the gurney, and add a new patient. The Cath Lab returns the prior gurney, and we must place it in the hall. The Dept Head comes by and states, “No gurneys in the hallway”. We then, pull it in, and hide it in the back alley. This shell game goes on all day long. Finally, after 5pm, when de bosses go home, we end up with about 4 gurneys in the hallway (and nobody reprimands us), until closing time, when we bring everything in at 11pm.

Silly, isn’t it?


No Guernsey's in the hallway
That's what I thought she said,
But with that ringing in my ears
She might have said, no bed.

No Holstein's in the closet
They make a bloody mess,
Manure on the linens
It's overwhelming, I confess.

No Angus, in the break rooms
They're always passing gas,
And the cow pies are enormous
All that mushy, smelly grass.

No Guernsey's in the hallway?
Especially during days,
When Inspectors roam around
Working power plays.

Where can those bovines rest
To chew upon their cud?
They're just searching for some grass
And maybe smoke a little bud.


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