Thursday, August 29, 2013


It was bound to happen; one of Satan's minor devils needed a Cardiac Cath. It has been some time since I last wrestled with a demon, and although I survived, I was injured. Any nurse that works in patient care, will at some time or other, have to look a devil in the eye......touch their lucky talisman, and pray they live to see the next sunrise.


Evil demon
One might comment, “Of course”,
Slugging away at us caregivers
Without any remorse,
There is no excuse
For behavior such as this,
I didn't go to work today
Expecting a demon's kiss.

Malevolent devil
Imagine being betrothed to that one,
Said he has been married for 14 years
I suppose at one time he must have been fun,
Now he is Beelzebub's brother
Tormenting his compassionate wife,
And as he threatens and fights us
She cries out, as if stabbed with a knife.

Two of us were injured
And now I'm in pain,
I'll have a few weeks of light-duty
Physical Therapy, so I can face it again,
The chance opportunity
To meet up
With one of Satan's dominion,
But I'll just smile and wave, boys
And later post my opinion.


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