Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Ugly Stepchild

If you work in the hospital, you have been up close and personal with stool. We are nurses, we mess around with the stuff.....lots of jokes to simmer down the nastiness. But when it happens to me (or you) it's time to feel the suffering. So, although this is about me, it's a universal suffering. 

Ugly Stepchild

Is still acting up
Three months later  and more,
Not diarrhea and `
Not constipation,
But certainly
A bothersome chore,
Colitis or IBS
Or one of those irritating cousins,
I guess if I went to the
Medical books,
I would find
Variants in the dozens.  

Is something to shake a stick at,
C-Difficele's ugly stepchild
The odds are I won't be getting fat,
Eating seems completely undisturbed
Cramping, comes early in digestion,
The ever-present gurgling noises
Herald an upcoming decongestion.

I thought it would go away
In a month or two,
I think the scorched-earth policy
In my colon
Was overkill; don't you?
Similar to Agent Orange
Defoliating, that Asian swamp,
Norovirus seems to have decimated my GI tract
During its historical romp.


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