Wednesday, July 03, 2013

No Coming Back

There was well-known person (celebrity) in the news recently, who made a very personal and difficult healthcare decision. This woman chose to have an elective breast removal (and reconstruction) because she carries (in her family), a genetic pre-disposition for Breast Cancer (reported to be as high as an 85% probability). Persons facing this dilemma, certainly have a daunting “possible future” of Cancer. I am not diminishing their experience by asking the big question of probability: If I might risk dying from a disease, that I know I have a greater than 75% chance of acquiring...........would I choose to remove the organ now?


No Coming Back

If my mom and dad had a brain cancer
Should I remove my brain?,
If I remove my nervous system
Could I eliminate my pain,
If my left leg has cancer
Should I lop off the right?
If I remove both of my kidneys
I won't have to pee at night.

Removing healthy organs
Seems drastic to me,
It was hard enough to grow them
And they certainly weren't free.

Described in magazines and TV,
Do a lot of crazy things
Unlike you and me,
Would you lop off your eyeballs
Just because there was a threat?
You would never see the world again
Children, beautiful flowers or a favorite pet.

Most of us have hearts
Guaranteed to disease,
If we manage to live too long.......
“So, Doctor, I ask you, please,
I want to eliminate the possibility
Of any chance of heart attack”,
Hopefully, my Doctor says, “No, Bobby
You're going down a road, where there is no coming back”


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