Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Night Shift

Nurses who have worked night-shift for years (the ones that like it), often find that even when they have reverted to normal daytime living, their body still easily shifts back into the "stay up all night" mode, without much fanfare. When my mate leaves town, I stay awake at night for hour, even if I have to work the next just seems natural.

Night Shift

Massage school
I stored it within,
I'm not a Massage therapist
Is that a sin?
Specially trained
To ease your aches and pains,
I wouldn't have lasted a month
My hands would have flopped
Thank goodness, for my brains.

Yes, I happen to have several
I use them on different occasions,
For example right now I am writing
Listening to the Rolling Stones, those Eurasians,
A band quite renowned
For crazy antics and wild living,
But still they make music for the world
Five decades of giving.

The crux of the problem?
I'm a night person, deep inside,
Ever since age 14
I read to 3am, that was my ride,
Into the ideas of countless writers
Far better than me,
I took up the typewriter at that time
As if the words would set me free.

But the night-time thing
Is nothing to scoff at,
Supposedly night shift workers
Find it easier to get fat,
But as a long time player in that realm
I argue with that silly notion,
Becoming overweight isn't nocturnal
It is an all day, full time vacotion.

A lot of skinny people work nights
I worked fifty hospitals, I declare,
Overweight nurses?
Sure, they were there,
But night shift didn't do it
And that is a fast-food fact,
A lot of stupid things to blame
But night-shift isn't the act.

How did I get to this point anyway
My mate is out of town, that's the thing,
After two days I revert back to night shift
My biorhythms feel cozy and start to sing,
A song about writing and music
Cavorting with ideas sprouting like flowers,
I start projects, write and doodle
The night wiles away past the hours.

And then yowza!, I realize that morning soon beckons
Am I working?, I'm not really sure,
Thank goodness I don't report till 10:30
Four or five hours of sleep is the cure.

Massage school
Was a great learning, indeed,
I don't use it much as an Outpatient Nurse
But at least I can chant Om, when they bleed.


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