Wednesday, July 24, 2013


In Michigan, I grew up in a small town, named Lapeer. The hospital there, (controlled by a regional conglomerate) recently decided to stop paying certain Nursing pay differentials. The nurses and the union fought back and won, earning a judgement for back wages. I read about this in the National Nursing press, and wrote the following:


Lapeer RN's
In the town where I was raised,
Hard working patient advocates
Deserve to be praised,
For standing up to management
And their dictator boss,
Now the hospital must pay
Back wages, their loss.

The boss and his board
With their dubious credentials,
Withheld Nurse compensation
Extra paid-differentials,
Without consulting the law
Or communicating their intent,
Now McLaren must pay
Under a shadow of malcontent.

The public and the media
Understand this dirty dealing,
All those hospital billboards
Are no longer so appealing,
And here I sit in California
Reading about my hometown nurses,
In solidarity, we must stand
While clutching our purses.


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