Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A New Disease

Did you hear? Obesity is now a disease. Great news for all of us, right? Now that we got that out of the way, let's go find some other preventable, self-acquired thing, and call it a disease too.

A New Disease

Obesity and smoking
Now called a disease,
Next, I think allergies
Everything that makes us sneeze,
And why not divorce
It can really make you sick,
A thousand rads of radiation
Would get you over it quick.

When we label a disease
The scientists?, how they love it,
Discovering therapy and drugs
And new places to shove it,
Treatments and modalities
Expert opinions abound,
Pharmaceutical designers
Love the dollars, newly found.

Let's say my BMI
Is just below the border,
If I got a little fatter
There's a drug that I could order,
Because, finally I qualify
My insurance says it's so,
It's time for fourteen burgers
To McDonald's I must go

Every problem begs a solution
It's a market driving force,
If you want to win the Belmont
You must own the fastest horse,
We build an industry around it
Find supporters and their money,
Then we'll advertise Obesity
We'll get rich now, won't we honey?


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