Monday, April 11, 2011

I was out of work for 4 months after stepping into-the-hole-that-should-have-been-covered. Yes, it's like some curse out of Harry Potter, I swear. But the upshot was, during the time away from the work arena, I had little to inspire my medical muse.

This week I returned to the fold and spent two days, getting reacquainted with my old time used-to-be. And kapow!, a virtual watershed of stuff to write about!

This one regarding, the frequent flyer.

Rankle My Ankle

Four months of renovation
Before I got back in the game,
But the patient population
Was nearly, still the same............

No, I never should have wagered
On the the size of that Anaconda,
And I was never, more surprised
To see my old friend, Wanda.

A term is used
The apt applier,
The client known as
The frequent flier,
But in Wanda's case
That term is too loose,
Try, analogically imagined
The big plane, the Spruce-Goose.

If you don't know her history
I'll gladly, share mine,
A visit from Wanda
Makes me whither and whine,
She stays for a month
Her claim, on the corner,
A victim of pie
Place the blame, on Jack Horner.

Enticed as a youngster
Nursery-rhymes about eating,
Later, as a teenager
Culinary competing,
It got out of hand
And quickly into her mouth,
Her size expanded westward
While her health, was going south.

Now her quarterly visitations
For roughly, a month at a time,
Have apparently coincided
With my recovery time,
And though I'm back on my feet
Anecdotally, for a busted ankle,
Facing this kind of patient assignment
Quite honestly, it doth rankle.


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