Thursday, April 07, 2011

I know that some of you, and maybe all of you, have been force-fed with another silly nursing idea called "The Huddle". At my domicile, we're always a little late getting on the bandwagon, but rest assured, we eventually do get on board with the rest of America's Nursing Management, to right the wrongs, so to speak. Thus, I am now qualified to editorialize on the (who needs it?) Huddle.

The Cuddle Huddle

Critical care medicine
Can be complex and muddled,
Many disciplines and specialties
Are often befuddled,
But Nursing, as usual
Came up with an answer,
After consulting outside experts
From Studer and Prancer.

They claimed they had knowledge
From studies and such,
That nurses perform better
If they cuddle and touch,
So the latest directive
From the lofty environs,
Will have us cuddling each day
To the songs of the sirens.

To make it seem official
Like it's a recognized practice,
We'll hold hands and chant “Om”
Under the mistletoe cactus,
And if your day started poorly
Because you stepped in a puddle,
Don't worry, we'll fix it
In our feel-good, daily huddle.


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