Sunday, December 20, 2009

Like the Christmas present I wasn't expecting, Steve RN in Virginia (we worked together, years ago, although we're brothers thrice removed), sent me his latest "typical" experience for a nurse.

Saving the Code

S.Huff RN

The I.V.’s running
The foley’s patent,
I smell infection,
But for now, it’s latent.
The code is done,
The heart still beats,
Most of the nurses
Are back in their seats.
He has a rhythm,
His pressure’s stable,
For now, we’ve kept him
Off the table.
But have we done him
Any favors?
This role we have
As, lifesavers.
He breathes for now
Due to a vent,
His infection held intact
By Vanc and Gent.
His pressure kept up
To perfuse his brain,
While the rest of him
Goes down the drain.
This poor man,
It’s such a pity,
I think its time for
The Ethics Committee.
So I call them in,
Just like I should,
They say they’d do something
If they could.

But the doctor had
To show his might,
And insisted he,
And he alone, was right.
And mighty doctor
Had his way,
He took me to
The family that day.
He proclaimed aloud
So all could hear,
This nurse thinks we
Shouldn’t treat your dear.
He’s convinced that
Granddad is already gone,
He thinks his soul
Should be moving on.
And the family looked
At me with eyes of red,
How dare you think
My dearest dead.
The doctor is God
For all we know,
And when Gramps is back
It’s you he’ll show.
So they took me off the case
As well they should,
Poor Gramps was given
To a nurse that “could”.
And, nigh, another night
Went by,
And down the hall
I heard them cry.
Poor Gramps had gone
In ALLLL his glory,
Despite the doctor’s
Convincing story.
What was I to do,
The family now was low,
Should I rub it in and
Say, I told you so? 
Or should I say “He was doing fine”
Just like the doctor said.
Or say the doctor was full of shit
And has mush inside his head.
Or should I approach the crying girl
The one that’s a real moaner,
And say if Gramps was in such good shape
Do you think he could be a donor? 
Nah, I sucked up all the insults
I took them all in stride,
I looked at each one earnestly
I said I’m sorry that he died.
I told them that the doc was young,
And often optimistic,
But in my mind I really thought,
Our actions were quite sadistic.

S. Huff, RN

*Thanks Bro, you're the bomb!

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