Wednesday, January 09, 2019

No Pal Left Behind

Everywhere in all the realms of care; the Buddy System rules.
You figure out who you can trust during times of duress,
and you hold a torch for them, in their time of need.

So, I may be retired, but I remain willing to write the stories that scream to be heard.

Working Rough

I visited my working pals
Their story was the same,
Inadequate staffing
In the Recovery game.

The place that I worked
Had a split personality,
Prepping patients for procedures
Doesn't equate with fair reality,
For those persons assigned
In the Recovery Bay,
Where time and complications
Can take over the day.

The problem is endemic
There is a captain of this ship,
He shakes a lot of hands
Like a mescaline trip,
Smiles, laughs and rainbows
With cookies on Nurses day,
He's always willing to listen
Wiggle his hips and sashay.

Look, don't get me wrong
This hospital is not unique,
Probably ninety percent of them
Have the same party squeak,
Thus, it's really damned hard
To find the jewel in the muck,
When all the dollars and diamonds
Have somehow fallen off the truck.

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