Sunday, June 25, 2017

Tumbling Dominoes

One could keep reincarnating every 25 years as an ICU Nurse, and find the same old problems. We unleash new names for the same disorders, apply similar drugs, wring our hands, and have the same outcomes. Sepsis, Sudden Cardiac Death, 1st least 50% mortality. Folks, when the Grim Reaper comes for you, we're not much help. But if YOU are willing to help....go for it.

She has been here several weeks
And had every kind of tube,
Can you believe, she was admitted
For just a Jiffy Lube,
Her heart was sort of sluggish
And her blood was quite anemic,
And so, like tumbling dominoes
Her brain became ischemic,
Combative and demonic
Obesity berserk,
She started busting up the place
And nearly killed the Clerk.

She was dosed with Midazolam
MS and Ativan,
Enough to kill an elephant
It knocked her on her can,
But side effects are side effects
And some can lead to death,
We finally had to silence her
But we took away her breath,
She earned the ventilator
The prize behind, Door Number Three,
It includes a year of tubing
And a Therapist for free.

Her respiratory failure
Brought on Shock and R-D-S,
Why, in just a couple hours
She became a total mess,
Reversible?, it’s possible
But, that’s not the likely course,
We can treat her up the yin yang
But can’t replace her life force,

The woman was a time-bomb
Just waiting to explode,
She had multi-system plug up
From a life on lipid road,
Her triglycerides set records
That will stand for many moons,
She had a steady diet
Of booze and macaroons,
Her husband was no better
He paid the grocery bill,
You couldn’t make them understand
This method of life would kill.

Now, lying here before us
Is a body, life supported,
And we’re rushing around like maniacs
Because her heart beat just aborted,
Thus, it seems a little pointless
To apply our super science,
To a person who spent years
In stubborn, health defiance!

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