Sunday, May 28, 2017

Come Pliants

Apparently our metrics regarding Customer Satisfaction were abysmal again. So naturally, blame the Nurses. Everywhere in the good old USA, Nurses have to put up with this corporate BS. Essentially, management would love it if we girls would just remain easy and compliant, and always do what daddy says. I say, fuggedaboutit !!!

Come Pliants

I missed an appointment
Two times already,
The Nursing Bungle
That's the name of it, Freddy,
I guess the powers that be
Think we all need retraining,
If our profits keep dropping
They'll start again, with the caning.

Flogging us daily
A customer service reminder,
Do your hourly rounding
And always be kinder,
Remember the 4-P's
No Pass Zone and AIDET,
If I was sure there were refreshments
I probably would have made it.

I've been told I'll be paid
For this mandatory class,
But that doesn't mean
It's not a pain in the ass,
I just think we'd do better
Without our billion dollar advertising,
Invest in the employees?
The results might be surprising.

Instead, they hammer away at us
Regarding the metrics they measure,
Reports of satisfaction
Give executives pleasure,
They throw a big box of money
Focusing attention on our image,
While kicking around the employees
Like a sandlot scrimmage.

Well, I'm not so compliant
Though I am persistent,
I balk at coercion
With intent to be resistant,
When workers are badgered
Threatened and harassed,
Perhaps, that's why I forget
Until the appointment has passed.

I don't want to participate
In this customary nonsense,
Nurses are not to blame
For the usual offense,
Better to focus attention
On the business design,
Management, listen to our voices
Collectively, we decline!


Patty Stottlemyer said...

Love it

Anonymous said...

Retired...and so glad. My heart goes out to all of you who are having to deal with this BS on a daily basis.