Thursday, April 20, 2017


Pretty much, auto seat belts have been a safety requirement on our American cars since 1966.
Now it is 2017, and if you choose not to wear a seat belt, and drive your car and crash, you are the fault of your injury. Don't try to pin it (to get money) on anybody else. You are the fool.

I didn't wear a seat-belt
Because I'm young and pretty,
Till I rammed that metal pole
Now, I'm one dead kitty.

I didn't wear a seat-belt
Because, what could go wrong?
Now I'm singing soprano
An angel's song.

I didn't wear a seat-belt
Because I was too busy,
Now I'm floating up in the clouds
And feeling kind of dizzy.

I didn't wear a seat-belt
Because it pushed on my breast,
And because of my stupidity
I earned eternal rest.

I didn't wear a seat-belt
Because I'm a good driver,
Now I'm up in heaven
An early arriver.


Old FoolRN said...

Perhaps air bags should be installed on all the telephone poles to prevent injury to those who don't like to use their seatbelts.

Fibril_late said...

You may be an Old Fool, but you are brilliant, none the less. Think of the bajillions you could make, marketing that idea! Wait, maybe our Obesity epidemic, is really an organic avoidance methodology, to ameliorate the trauma of rapid deceleration injuries?