Friday, April 07, 2017

Another Bungle

Uh, oh, rumor has it another Nursing Bundle is about to be jammed down our throats. I heard one of the ANS crew talking about it last night, and the religious fervor she exhibited while sharing the "good news" (and dismal statistics) had me running to my creative writing space, to contemplate, Nursing Bungle #2.

The Nursing Bungle requires a testament of belief
Give all of the appropriate answers to avoid any grief,
It's not an annual Revival, but they would do it if they could
Gather around the campfire boys, because the bungle is good.

This latest Nursing Bungle contains all the new thinking
Grandiose ideas to keep this ship from sinking,
And with new management in Washington you better hang on to your seat
Next time the Nursing Bungle will be delivered by tweet.

Excitement is high, at the place that I work
Unveiling the new Bungle with a wink and a smirk,
Promising wonderful top-notch Avatar Scores
Whiz-bang H-CAHPS, and C.Diff. s'mores.

Oh, I can hardly wait to travel on My Journey
After 8 hours of study, they'll transport me on a gurney,
Down to Radiology, for the implants in my brain
I'll be a Nursing Bungle Cyborg, with a built-in ball and chain.

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