Friday, March 31, 2017

Infusion Pump Apocalypse

From the "New Brilliant Stuff" Department: (jokes and more)

Consider the similarities:
Q: A Creamcicle ice-cream treat and the IV tubing used for hanging a piggyback medication.
A: The suck on dairy;
      The IV tubing set is called a Secondary.

Admission Database question:
Q: Have you ever had an infectious disease?
A: No I haven't, but some people say that I have an infectious laugh.

- - - - -

Here is a retirement business (or hobby) that I am considering:
I will have a sideshow / shooting range or even a mobile unit, perhaps a repurposed mobile home. At this location, Nurses will be able to shoot the weapon of their choice (Sig Sauer, Desert Eagle, Mossberg shotgun, you name it) at old, retired IV Pumps. Heck, I'd be more than willing to pay $20 for a chance to do that. Just think of the satisfaction you could have, sending one of those infernal beeping monsters, to it's bloody grave.

Stay tuned for the Infusion Pump Apocalypse!

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