Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Take a Break

Doing Break-Relief Nurse for nine months now, and my satisfaction score is pretty high; here are some of the reasons.

Break-relief nurse
There’s a lot to like,
Nearly as simple as
Riding a bike,
After competing for years
In the Tour de France,
Having earned the right
To wear the jersey and pants.

Take your break, Nurse
What do you need me to do?
Start an IV
On old Betty Lou,
Carry tubes to the Lab
Then, hang some plasma,
Titrate the Levophed
And monitor Bob’s asthma.

Set up a room
For that overdosed giant,
Keep an eye on his restraints
He’s completely non-compliant,
Assist with 3 bed-baths
On the super-sized folks,
While gasping for air
And still telling jokes.

Answer the call-lights
Attend to machines,
Troubleshoot problems
Without making a scene,
Offer suggestions
Be a team player,
Ready to offer a hand
To the dragon-slayer.

A six hour shift?
Now, that’s a relief,
Don’t have to deal with
All that charting grief,
But I must read the notes
‘Cuz, each patient is a mystery,
Please, don’t be offended
If I know more about their history.

There are a couple things
That I can’t do,
Continuous Renal therapy
That’s up to you,
If there’s a Code or a crisis
Or say, a new Open-Heart,
I’ll be your assistant
I play the little part;
Then, we’ll get stuff done
More efficient and speedy,
Don’t worry about me
I’m not the least bit needy.

When I leave at Six
Finally, I take a break,
Silently, I depart
Having earned a piece of cake.


Old FoolRN said...

Another classic. You certainly have a diverse skill set!

Fibril_late said...

Old fool:

We are old school
Which is the new cool.