Sunday, January 15, 2017

News Under Pressure

Lately, there has been an uproar in the news, regarding "Fake News". I am of the opinion, that ya can't trust anything on TV or the Internet, unless you dig deep. You must know where to look.
But I think there is a bigger issue at hand; news that is held back, all together. When major industries spout platitudes about how "transparent" they are, the very fact that they are bragging about, is usually an indicator, that they have been lying for years!......and will continue to do so.
How does Diggity
Squash the stories in the press?
Not a peep is ever written
Regarding any mess,
Now, if there is a chance for bragging
Then, we're all over the papers,
But write articles
About problems?
You must be sniffing the vapors

'Twas like a rainstorm at midnight
In Mother's caboose,
When those pipes in the ceiling
Finally broke loose,
Back in 2013
When the sprinkler system busted,
You know, old infrastructure
It just can not be trusted.

Little catch-all pans
Trying to corral every drip,
When it all busted loose
They had to abandon ship,
Water leaking down
To the Pharmacy floor,
Shouldn't the public know this?
Bad news, is locked behind a door.

And did that ever make the papers?
Why, certainly not,
Money must have crossed palms
On a story that hot,
Or how about the time
With the new ATM,
Was it stolen by us?
No, it was taken by them,
Right there in the lobby
Two men with a dolly,
A couple boys showing off
For their Aunt Polly.

Serial thieves
A family, one might say,
Although, no one was arrested
Now that's a Payday!


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