Thursday, September 08, 2016

That Rhythm Again

If you read this blog, you might think that I am an officer of the KGB Rhythm Analysis group, always spying and prying into the lives of those who mis-label ECG rhythm strips. The truth is out there; this is my crusade!

That rhythm again
Fools them every time,
Prompting me
To write this rhyme,
Regarding Atrial Flutter
And Atrial Tach,
Those ectopic impulses
Doubling back,
Fooling the reader
Of the EKG’s,
They think it is Sinus
If they don’t count the P’s.

That rhythm again
Improperly read,
I told Betty Lou
But she wrote Sinus, instead,
So she didn’t tell the doctor
But what can I do?
I’m just the break-nurse
Sharing an expert view.

That rhythm again
Everybody should know it,
With proper treatment
We hope to slow it,
But that won’t happen
If it isn’t read right,
As it happened again
Just the other night.


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