Friday, September 16, 2016

Street Racing Remains

Young Jake revs
The engine with pride,
Hot burping exhaust
Let's go for a ride,
And do a little racing
At the stoplight on 2nd,
Fate and the Grim Reaper;
They must have beckoned.

From zero to sixty
And sixty to zero,
Don't get out of your car
You're not a hero,
No need to brag
That you were the one,
Racing down Broadway
Boys doing fun.

Now, maybe your Lambo
Does an easy one-eighty,
And you've got your eye on
Some sexy young lady,
You're trying to impress
With bravado, not brains,
While the audience expects
Your bloody remains,
Spread on the pavement
The tree and the wall,
As that pretty young woman
Stands poised with a shawl,
To cover your splatter
And sob at your wake,
Just boys having fun
Then it's over, young Jake.

Yes, everyone loves
A spectacular crash,
That's why we crave speed
Blowing smoke, acting brash,
But we like it best
With the front row view,
We were close to the edge
But it happened to you.

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