Friday, September 09, 2016

Self Harm

The next poem might seem
Depressing and mean,
But I can't deny
All the things that I've seen,
Over and over
On a daily basis,
The human miserable condition
Is often in stasis.

I'm not talking about
Birth defects,
Nor discussing
Society rejects,
I'm merely posing
Personal choices,
Meth, coke and smack
Not Ferrari Rolls-Royces.

Nobody force fed
The addicted user,
He looks in the mirror
And sees his accuser,
Now we paste together
The shreds of bad health,
Wasting the resources
Of our society wealth.

The typical user
Started young, immature,
Regarding any repercussions
Abstract thinking, obscure,
Just fun for the moment
They'd never bite the hook,
Instead, they become a subject
In the drug abuse book.

Yes, we're patching them up
Over and again,
This 37 year old amputee
Reminisces about when,
He was young, strong and sexy
A babe on each arm,
Now, his life is pure misery
From his own self-harm.

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