Friday, September 16, 2016

Talking in my sleep

I work odd hours now; from midnight to 0600. One of the ways I stay awake during the drive home, is to dictate stream of consciousness rhyming into a voice recorder. I have been using the method for years with great success. There I'll be sitting in traffic having a lovely conversation with myself.

Hammer Head

Just in case
I get inspired,
Even tho
I'm kind of tired,
On this 20 minute
Drive back home,
I'm often inspired
To dictate a poem.

Assembling words
As thoughts drop in,
Whispering tales
Of misery and sin,
Stories that are filled with
Disease and discord,
And all of those things
That people afford.

Stuff that is healthy
More, that is not,
Eventually discovering
Their body is shot,
And at the end of it all
They pull into the marina,
Singing songs of misery
Like a spotted hyena.

They want food in their belly
And drugs for their pain,
Warm blankets and tea
And a hot nurse from Spain,
We do our best
To bring you back from the dead,
But don't grab at Betty
Cuz she'll hammer your head

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